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  • Probate - The legal process that takes place after someone dies. It includes proving to the probate court a deceased person's will is valid, identifying and inventorying the deceased person's property, having the property appraised, paying debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining property as the will directs.

  • Will Planning - The planning process by a Memphis Attorney and a client for the management and transfer of property upon death.

  • Estate Planning - The planning process for the management of property during lifetime, the management of property and children in case of incapacitation, and the management and transfer of property upon death. Estate planning includes the planning of the Will where Will Planning is just the preparation of the Will.

  • Trust Administration - The setup and management of a trust which is a legal relationship involving the "trustor", meaning the person who creates the trust and the "trustee" which is one or more beneficiaries.

  • Nursing Home Neglect - Memphis nursing home neglect can happen to anyone in a nursing home no matter how nice the nursing home. Nursing home neglect can be physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect while residing in a nursing home, assisted living facility or other long-term care institution in the Memphis area.

  • Tax Controversies

  • Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy is a legal system in the United States that serves to give people a fresh start in regards to debt. It is a way to eliminate or offer relief from overwhelming secured and unsecured debt that a person or business have accrued.

  • Tax Planning - In Memphis Tax Planning is the processes utilized by individuals and businesses to the determine the best possible solution to manage and pay local Memphis, Tennessee state, and federal taxes due in order to benefit the individual or company. The process includes determining how taxes will affect an individual or business, understanding what type of expenses are tax deductible under current Memphis regulations, and in general, design for paying taxes in a manner that ensures the amount of tax due will be paid in a timely manner and most beneficial to the client.

  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Service

  • Nonprofit/Tax Exempt Organizations

  • Collegiate Sports

  • Business Planning

  • Collections

  • Criminal Law - This area of Law deals with the defense of individuals that have been accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes. These crimes are generally referred to as offenses against the state of Tennessee. Felonies are usually punishable by imprisonment or more than a year, while misdemeanors are crimes are punishable by less than a year. Criminal Law cases are prosecuted by the government in a violation of a public law either by act or omission of an act. Criminal Laws vary significantly from state to state.

  • Construction Law - A Memphis Attorney would use Construction Law to deal with matters relating to building construction, contracts, bonds and bonding, liens, construction claims and sureties affecting the construction industry, financial institutions, surveyors, architects, builders, engineers, construction workers, home owners, and sub contractors.

  • Representation before State Departments of Revenue

  • Family Law and Memphis Divorce Attorney - A Memphis Attorney that deals with Family Law will represent family members in marriage, divorce, civil unions, spousal abuse, child abuse, custody cases, and many other aspects.

  • Juvenile Law - In Memphis Juvenile Law is the area of criminal law dealing with a person not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts. This age in Memphis is 18 years of age. In extenuating circumstances the person may be held responsible if the juvenile court waives or relinquishes its jurisdiction to adult court. Juvenile law varies from states to state and the main goal of Memphis Juvenile law is rehabilitation rather than punishment.

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